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Would you warrant(y) it?

image1 29 Here’s a mystery. We have lived in this house for nearly six years. I don’t have an Indesit washing machine. I don’t have a warranty. And my name most definitely isn’t Mr Occupier. But this week I received the letter from Domestic & General. I was going to ignore it (I think I got one last year too) but I was curious. So I rang up Domestic & General.

A very nice man admitted he was confused – there is a plan number so the plan does exist, though someone I doubt whether the person paying for it is really called Mr Occupier. We left it that: Domestic & General, which I guess has been getting the monthly payments from Mr Occupier for the past year, would track down Mr Occupier’s address.

This does raise a few questions. Firstly, does Mr Occupier really not notice £11.24 a month going off his account? I imagine he hasn’t claimed on the warranty – because if he had then I guess D&G would have his proper address. But more than that, it’s the cost: £134.88 a year, as the letter says. Tesco Direct has an Indesit Eco Time washing machine on sale for £149, down from £179 and with free delivery. So for just £15 more than the warranty, you could have a new machine. And washing machines don’t last for ever – a repair man told me recently that you should expect a domestic appliance to last for five years. So, while it might be ecologically unsound, wouldn’t you be better off saving the £11 a month and using that to buy a new machine when you need one? Over to you, Mr Occupier…

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Saturday, 20 April 2019