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Would you go grey to save money on haircare?

save money on haircareI’ve been so busy this week that I had to cancel my appointment with the hairdresser. In the grand scheme of things it’s a minor drama, I know. My hair is straggly with split-ends, the roots are showing and the bits which retained any colour have now turned orange in the summer sun. When I’m slobbing around the house, it’s not a problem. But I’m off on a glamour adventure soon and I need to be in tip-top condition.

So I was reconciled to a massive admin issue until I thought about it. What if I didn’t bother? Because I’d be saving myself over £100 for a cut, colour and blow-dry. And it really does cost that much. After all, I live in the county where a pint of beer is the most expensive in UK (even more than London).

I decided to do some back-of-envelope calculations. If I went every six weeks, as Rush encourages you to do, I would visit roughly eight times a year. That’s £800 for a year’s hair care. And even if I didn’t have my hair cut each time, it’s probably about £600. That’s enough for many gallons of Aperol, and served in fancy places. It’s also a mini-break abroad or any of those other essential (ie electrical) things which kids need.

I would, however, have to be grey (and trim my own tresses). Horror of horrors, I might look ‘old’ as I tour the Eiffel Tower or Venice’s canals on my savings. But really, what’s the problem with that? My finances will be decidedly spring chickenish while I, being on the wrong side of 45, should come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to look 20 years younger even if my hair is pink.

Another point is that, if cut properly, grey hair can look really chic. While it requires some investment in a stylist, at least you’re not spending on environmentally unfriendly colour: ‘just a trim’ is chemical-free too.

Alas, much as I’d like to, I must admit I’m not yet brave enough to grasp that particular silver thistle. So I came up with a solution (necessity is, of course, the Skinted Minted Mum of invention). Dear Daughter was given a fiver to spread Nice’n Easy No Ammonia Hair Dye on my scalp (£4.49 from Superdrug). It turned out just fine (bar the odd splash) and was less than a tenner for the entire exercise. And we didn’t even have to talk about holidays.

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Monday, 22 April 2019