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Why everyone needs travel insurance

best travel insurance europeOoh la la, my travel insurer has paid my claim and I'm off to Paris on the proceeds of it. I hope the train isn't delayed like last time. I was about as thrilled as Charles Dance looks in the photo when we were both made en retard by Eurostar shenanigans.

It's not all plain sailing. I did have to give up a girls' weekend to Seville and a summer half-term ticket to Majorca. Readers of previous blogs will know that I had a few health issues in late spring and wasn't able to go abroad. Thank goodness I had travel insurance. All in all I'd spent about £450 on the girls' weekend and the same again on a return flight to Palma plus car hire. Without my annual multi-trip insurance from Cover For You, I would've lost out big time.

I'd like to say the policy was as cheap as chips but that's not true. It actually cost £165.75 which is expensive. That was because it was a premium package which included the whole family and, as well as other holidays, covered our trip to Florida - medical costs in the US and Canada are off the scale. If you're travelling in Europe, though, travel insurance is a lot less. And my example goes to show it's worth having it.

Surprisingly though, 10 million Brits set off to foreign climes without it. It's actually a false economy. Research by Asda (yup, it sells travel insurance too) says the average price of a policy is £50 compared to the average cost of dealing with illness or accidents abroad which is £160.

Normally all you read about is travel insurers NOT paying out. I was expecting mine to make some kind of quibble. There was plenty of paperwork but it was actually a relatively smooth process and I was refunded. A happy customer for a change: well done, Cover For You. I'm not anticipating any mishaps in la belle France but you never know. Fortunately I'm covered for it. Bon voyage!

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Monday, 22 April 2019