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What do you do when a burglar alarm sounds?

burglarWe had our peace disturbed the other evening by the shrieking of a neighbour’s burglar alarm. I think that the man had probably been faffing around with the electrics – he seems always to be up a ladder or DIY-ing. Often the conclusion seems to result in a professional called in to remedy his mistakes, but I guess it’s a hobby...

Anyway, the alarm screeched on for ages until it eventually fell silent. And, of course, it never even occurred to me that the next door house was being burgled (which of course it wasn’t). I didn’t go and investigate – nor did anyone else, I think. Which did make me wonder why anybody has alarms fitted these days – I suppose if you have the flash kind which alerts a security patrol or whatever then maybe it’s an idea. But the common or garden noise boxes are surely just a nuisance.

This weekend coming is when the clocks go back – and statistically that means more burglaries. Home thefts go up 36%, says Co-Op Insurance with Fridays the most popular days for break-ins. It has also talked to a ‘panel of ex-convicts’ which does paint an amusing picture of men with swag bags and prison tattoos watching a Powerpoint presentation. The conference of cons said that they would find CCTV cameras and barking dogs the most off-putting – and guess what, burglar alarms don’t even make it onto their top 10 of deterrents. I don’t have (and have no intention of getting) either CCTV or a dog. But I do score points for having locked windows, a heavy front door and a car on the drive as well as being overlooked by neighbours. So, even the DIY-mad neighbour has his uses...

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019