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Tearing it up with the Smax

Breaking the limits with the S-maxA nasty surprise in the post. I want to say ‘this morning’ but our mail doesn’t arrive until lunchtime these days. It would’ve been bad news at any time of day – I’ve been done for speeding.

Shame-faced, I told Mr Minted. He collapsed in hysterical laughter. Because I am, as friends and family know well, a snail behind the wheel. For me, 50 mph is the optimum pace. Why drive any faster? It’s dangerous, dontcha know!

If you were in any doubt, here’s my car. I can’t see Lewis Hamilton burning up the highway in one of these any time soon.

Nevertheless, I was snapped by one of those crafty cameras coming off the motorway. Bowling along at 37 mph in a 30 mph zone. I know exactly where too. And I also suspect I was distracted by Dear Daughter in the front seat who was grizzling about the lack of interesting purchases we’d made in Ikea.

I can either put my hands up or contest the fine at the local magistrates. If I accept the charge, the penalty depends on the severity of my offence. It will be either three points on my licence and a £95 fine or a speed awareness course (costing £95 which I must pay for). This last option is points-free.

I could defend myself – perhaps the road signs weren’t clear or the driver was in fact my ninety-year old grandma. But, if I lose, the punishments pile up.

After some soul-searching, I have sent back the form admitting my guilt. I await the verdict. I hope it’s not points. And, either way, will I have to tell my insurer???

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Monday, 22 April 2019