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Sky's the limit?

bigsky roadShould I stay or should I go? I’m trying to decide. For many years, I’ve had broadband, TV and home phone all with Sky. But frankly I am getting a bit fed up with the constant adverts offering bargain subscriptions when my last monthly bill was nearly £90. We have no extra Sky channels and I don’t lose the landline much. Working from home I need a reliable internet connection all the time – and for the boy, that’s essential: how else could he watch football stuff on You Tube? As with most of his generation, he hardly watches television but the Sky box is pretty cool and even I can work it. And one of the cats likes sleeping on it as it’s always warm.

But maybe it’s time to move. I went onto www.uswitch.com and found a deal from BT which looks pretty much what we have now plus BT Sport for £39.99 a month plus £59.99 set up fees. It sounds perfect. But I’m nervous: I can’t afford to be without broadband for even a few days – as a freelance writer then I can’t work without it. And as a total technophobe I’m not sure I can handle the hassle of setting up a new TV box thingy and moving over my broadband. Then there’s the email address.. But £50 a month is a huge amount of money. Perhaps it’s time to make a break. Or maybe I should phone Sky and see if I can get them to cut my bills. Watch this space..


In the Black on Friday
It's for the kids, innit?


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Monday, 22 April 2019