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Should you make a (wardrobe) investment in PINK by Victoria's Secret?

pink Victoria's SecretHere’s a designer label which Dear Daughter and all her friends are utterly obsessed with – PINK, a brand owned by saucy American lingerie firm, Victoria’s Secret. Any excuse to snap up even the slightest trifle with the PINK logo on it and those teenagers are slavering like hungry hounds. And it’s expensive too.

I mean, would you really buy a bottle of ‘body mist’ like the one in the picture (which is clearly the same old stuff as the 1970s Charlie in a clear container) for £12? And that’s on special at Superdrug, by the way. It’s more from the store. And this top, which Dear Daughter nearly bankrupted herself paying about £42, looks like someone’s taken the scissors to the shoulders …

Before you accuse me of sounding like my own mother, that is in fact what a Florida waitress said when she spotted DD wearing the piece. And this woman was at least 20 years younger than myself, I’d like to point out. Even so, she was full of admiration and waxed lyrical about her own PINK leggings – even though they cost her 60 bucks.

This wasn’t the only compliment DD received on her outfit. Practically every time she wore it, someone made a nice comment. So it made me think either I should be buying some myself – I’ve seen other mums in the more demure tops – or investing in the shares.

Weirdly the parent of PINK and Victoria’s Secret hasn’t done very well recently. L Brands, which also owns Bath & Body Works (another favourite DD brand), has lowered its sales forecasts as shoppers chose to buy ‘bralettes’ from other firms. That’s sort of underwear as outerwear garment or boob tube, maybe, as we called it back in the day.

Well, I think they’ve got it wrong. They should open more stores over here. I’m no fashionista but I can tell Superdry is for dads and Jack Wills is over. PINK can easily fill that gap. I might be tempted to have a little dabble myself – in accessories though, rather than stocks. US shares are quite complicated to buy and putting large amounts into single firms is not for the fainthearted.

And there is still one outstanding problem to resolve: should I stand by and let DD blow her monthly allowance on designer items? She’s supposed to buy her own clothes (not smalls or school uniform) for £80 a month. That doesn’t stretch so far in the premium ranges. Well, I have to respect her clothing ‘investments’ and not interfere. It’s hard but she will find out that buying the pricey piece you love sometimes means going shoeless for the rest of the month.

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Monday, 22 April 2019