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Shop horror: why supermarket deals are often rubbish

shopping 1165437 640 1Here’s an unusual money saving tip: ignore special offers: you will save money. Bogofs and twofers (buy one, get one free and two for the price of one) deals are often not worth it, nor are many simple money-off deals.

And don’t take it from me. A report just out from Which? found that while 43% of its respondents said supermarket special offers lured them into buying the items many just weren’t worth it. It examined prices of more than 220 branded popular items and found misleading multibuys, special offers which aren’t special and ‘dubious’ discounts.

Here’s some of the findings. Ocado was selling packs of Muller Fruit Corner yoghurts as two for £5. But as the offer started, the cost of one pack of six increased from £1.94 to £3.89. So while it seemed as if shoppers were saving £2.78 on their purchase, they were really paying £1.12 more. Or there’s this: Waitrose began its two for £3 offer on 2 litre bottles of Sprite it
And there’s more. Morrisons was selling Ben & Jerry’s increased the cost of a single bottle from £1 to £1.85. Shoppers might have thought they saved 70p but were actually paying £1 more. ice cream for £3, saying it had cost £4.47. But two days beforehand – and for a whole month – the cost was £2.50. So shoppers were paying more than they would have done before the special deal started. You can read the whole report here.

I suppose there’s nothing new here, but it does remind us that you need to have your wits about you when in the supermarket and not wander around in a Stepford Wives style stupor (I’m guilty of this) when you push a trolley. Of course there are good offers but you need to search for them. If you can be bothered a bit of research online before you go can help. Personally I think I’d choose to shop in a supermarket that scrapped all these complicated offers and just charged simple, fair prices – I wish the bogofs would do just that...


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Monday, 22 April 2019