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Saving on energy bills: it's an obsession

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Obviously I have too much time on my hands but I’ve become somewhat obsessed with a little gizmo. When my smart meter was fitted last year the nice man who did it gave me this gadget which shows how much gas and electricity we're using.

It sets a daily target which is 10% below the level it was last week. It costs about 62p a year to run, which is cheap enough to keep me amused.

But what it has really done is make me fear and loathe the tumble dryer. The little green thing goes insane when it’s on. I now only use the dryer occasionally and feel so guilty I have to hide the little monitor.

Given the miserable weather I can hardly put the washing in the garden so it’s draped over the (cold) radiators. But it's so depressing to see rows of damp socks: it’s just too reminiscent of my childhood. It also means I have to do ironing: again, so very vintage housewife.

The dishwasher isn’t much better. But I only put it on once a day at most and it does a much better job than I would at washing up. The washing machine isn’t too bad – I’m never going to wash stuff by hand, after all.

I have tried to get the monitor down to zero but have failed so far (it’s not fair on the goldfish to turn off his filter, is it?). I keep the thermostat at a chilly 20 degrees – and I don’t put the heating on in the day unless icebergs form on said goldfish’s tank.

Apparently if I went round turning off appliances at the plug I’d save £30 a year, says the Energy Saving Trust. To be honest, I can’t be bothered to do that for the sake of a few pence a day. Neither am I going to put silver foil behind radiators or ‘think about how I use the toilet’ as the Guardian article linked below suggests. That really is taking the p***.


How do you save on energy? Let us know in the comments below or check out the articles below for some top tips.

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Monday, 22 April 2019