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Save on iCloud with a digital declutter

digital declutterI’ve finally realised that Apple is charging me 79 pence a month for iCloud storage. Amazingly I have busted through my free space of 5 GB and now have to start paying. Or upgrade the payment plan, of course, to get even more gigabytes.

Granted, it’s not a lot of money but I find this annoying. This is mostly because I have only used 16 GB of my 128 GB phone storage. I also have tetrabytes empty on the desktop, so why am I paying the additional cost?

I’ve done a little bit of investigation into why this should be. Somewhere along the line I have pressed the button for my photos to be copied into iCloud. This means they are automatically backed up, great, and I can see them on other devices – a facility which I don’t use. I also regularly back up my phone to my desktop, so it seems I’m doubling up for no reason.

What’s also in there is crap from apps. It seems I’ve given approval for them to store all the data from games and other nonsense I’ve ever used in iCloud, including WhatsApp. It’s quite crazy to think that I’m paying decent cash to keep conversations about where to pick up the kids from netball or other people’s look-at-my-burger photos in the ether for ever.

Other things I don’t want to keep are all the games the kids used to play on my phone when they were small. I was grateful on long journeys for the entertainment value of Angry Birds and Waterslide but we’ve all grown out of them now.

So I spent the bank holiday merrily deleting lots of data in a big digital clean-out. Will I miss Paper Toss? I hope not. I also came across a useful button which promises to offload unused apps when the phone is low on storage (FYI it’s under iTunes and App Store in the Settings. That is activated. Finally I turned off iCloud Photos which again is under Photos in the general Settings menu.

All of this should result in getting under the free 5 GB threshold. If not, I’ll have to delete some of my thousand plus photos. Hmm. Luckily there’s another bank holiday coming up.

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Friday, 24 May 2019