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Rock on: how an electric guitar will secure my future

band 171117 640I have made an important investment in my future. I have bought my 11 year old son an electric guitar. To be accurate, I have bought him a three quarter size electric bass guitar (yes, I know the picture is of a lead guitar but you get the idea) with an amp and it cost me £120 with postage. Bargain. It is a lovely looking thing. Of course, there are problems. I am so lacking in musical ability I have no idea whether it’s in tune or not. I did find something on You Tube which was meant to help me tune it but honestly, I have no idea if it’s flat, sharp or whatever.

Then of course, the boy can’t play it. He has also been watching You Tube videos and claims he’ll be able to learn from them but no signs of progress yet. I’ve got the details of a man nearby who will teach him for £15 an hour which sounds reasonable to me. However the boy was frankly scared when I showed him a film of the man playing with his band. I think’s it’s called thrash metal... it was all a bit Spinal Tap. I have explained that on a Saturday morning in his house the guitar teacher will not be as scary as he appears on stage at the local rocker’s pub (or I do hope so). Fingers crossed, he’s agreed to lessons.

I am hopeful that stardom will beckon. Having spent much of my youth wishing I was Debbie Harry only to be held back by my lack of any talent/looks and the hard work gene, I would love the boy to be a rock star. For all the worries about the excesses of musicians, are they any worse than those of merchant bankers? It strikes me that many of the greatest rockers are actually rather sensible – otherwise, how would Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and others now be old, wealthy and enjoying life? Investing £15 a week on the chance that the boy will be headlining Glastonbury in 20 years’ time is so worth it. It’s probably a better way to spend my money than saving it given that with inflation at 2.9% I’m losing money hand over fist in my savings account. And a lot more fun.

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Saturday, 20 April 2019