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Raiding the responsible: why punish me for buying insurance?

Rain, rain, rain. Grey skies, zero sunlight and a dampness that gets into your bones. Along with a growing brown stain on the garage ceiling. 

The leak which sends me scurrying off to check my house insurance. Buildings is up to date but contents (all my lovely junk which over the years has attached itself to my house like iron filings to a magnet) needs renewing.

The price has, of course, gone up on last year’s premium. When has insurance ever fallen in cost? Then I notice in the bill breakdown that the tax on what I’m paying is 9.5%. NINE POINT FIVE PER CENT! When did that ever happen? I thought it was 6%.

One chink of sunshine: tomorrow they're putting it up to 10% so I suppose I'd better get on with it. And anything else while I can because the hike applies to pretty much every kind of insurance including cars, pets and private medical policies.

Being in a hurry is a great excuse not to shop around for a better deal. I could have waded through confused.com, gocompare.com and moneysupermarket.com (yawn). I could’ve made use of this quite interesting guide from the Money Advice service on how to buy insurance using comparison sites.  

But I didn’t. I was feeling lazy. Anyway, not all companies are compared on those sites and Minted Towers is a non-standard house. They probably wouldn’t have anything appropriate. 

So I took the path of least resistance and lifted the phone to my current insurer. I’d listened to several minutes of sales messages and hold music before I realised I was calling a premium rate line, probably adding another £10 to my final bill!

I understand companies have to cover their costs and I suppose that excuses the phone charge. But honestly, the tax? If you want to discourage people from being responsible and sensible, this is the way to do it. 

[Top tips to buying house insurance here.]


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Monday, 22 April 2019