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No Sky broadband: will I be compensated?

children 2440214 640I was one of the estimated 32,000 Sky broadband customers in the south east who lost their service for 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday. Apparently this was due to a workman cutting accidentally through the cables miles from here. This was a return to the dark ages: no internet – how could I check my bank account? Or listen to the Archers on the iPlayer? As for the boy, he would seriously rather go without food and drink than the internet. Unable to play Fifa or whatever with his friend, they had to play actual football - as in outside, with a ball - instead.

I do realise that this cable cutting was a total mistake and outside Sky’s control but it’s odd that so far, there’s been no talk of compensation. I know it was only a day and to be honest, it didn’t affect me too much. But then I’m not running the kind of business which needs to be online the whole time. And it did cost me money in that I had to get online to check my emails and so used my phone – which is a pay as you go. And while Sky did text me when the service was back on, I would more have appreciated an idea of how long the problem was going to last. So far yet, I’ve not heard anything about compensation for missing a whole day’s broadband.

At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any automatic payment for lost broadband. There was a consultation by Ofcom which concluded last month which seemed to move towards it but there’s nothing concrete yet – I read about it here. Anyway, maybe Sky will write and tell me about compensation soon – hey, it could now even email me....

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Monday, 22 April 2019