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Mobile phone insurance: not phoning but drowning.

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I have had a few problems with water this week. Firstly, the washing machine is as leaky as a baby in pound-store nappies. Secondly, I managed to drop my mobile in the loo. It was only immersed in water (note: water, not anything yucky) for a couple of seconds. I buried it in a jar of rice straight away (fancy risotto for dinner? Thought not) but I wasn’t confident there was much point. It looked as if the phone has saved my numbers and photos but it wouldn’t take a charge (too cold, apparently) and it said no service. So that meant another trip to the phone shop: which I was looking forward to far less than I would a trip to the dentist.

The last time I went in a phone shop – only a few weeks ago when I bought the boy a phone for his birthday – it was a totally miserable experience. The man couldn’t even make eye contact with me, couldn’t manage much more than a grunt and was totally disinterested in selling me a cheap phone on a pay as you go. So I was expecting more age and finance-related humiliation. I did go to a different branch this time - and blow me, this time I got seen by a very young guy not long past puberty who was sweet and sold me a cheap phone, even telling me not to waste my money on one which was £50 more.

The new phone cost about £100 – my old one was about £150 and I bought it a year ago. Given that I am extremely clumsy, maybe I should have it insured. However, for me insurance would be a silly idea. A quick look at mobile phone insurance shows that www.moneysavingexpert.com likes www.insurance2go.co.uk which offers cover from £3.99 a month – so just under £48, or half the cost of my new phone. But there’s still an excess (£50) and your phone must have been bought in the last six months. And if you want cover for ‘liquid damage’ (presumably this includes immersion in the toilet) then the cost is £6.99 a month. Frankly, mobile insurance isn’t aimed at those of us with low-spec cheap phones but for those with the kind of flash phone that the man at the previous phone shop would like to sell me.

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Saturday, 20 April 2019