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Knickers to tumble dryer warranty

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Just over a year ago I bought a new tumble dryer. I didn’t really want to as I was happy enough with the one I had and it was only a few years old. But it was one of those tumble dryers said to have a fault that had caused a number of home fires. I wasn’t really that concerned about it, to be honest. I always empty the lint filter after every cycle and I don’t leave appliances on when I am out.

However, I did worry a bit whether ignoring a possible problem with an appliance could mean that if it did catch fire then my house insurance might not pay out. So when Hotpoint a year ago said that it was going to take a while for someone to come out and fix the fault and would I like a new machine delivered and installed for £59 instead then I decided to go for it. All easy-peasy although it was a bit odd when the nice men delivering the new one sealed the old one with tape that looked a bit like the stuff police use to seal off an incident and then took a photo – a kind of mugshot - of the offending machine before taking it away.

Anyway, I’ve just received a letter from Hotpoint pointing out my one year guarantee runs out next month so if I want ‘peace of mind’ then I should take out the Hotpoint Repair Plan provided by Domestic & General for £3.65 a month (a saving of £10!) of £53.80 a month. So that’s just a few quid less than I paid for the machine. Admittedly, I couldn’t get a new one for £59 now: but I soon found one online for just under £150 including delivery: so that’s less than the cost of three years’ warranty. And really, what can go wrong with a tumble dryer? It’s a pretty simple machine. And to be honest, even if it does break down and I can’t afford a replacement it’s hardly essential: I could always use nature’s own, free, tumble dryer: wind and sunshine. So no, I don’t want the warranty. And my mind’s peaceful enough, thanks.

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Monday, 22 April 2019