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Keep PIN away from your partner for happy marriage

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Following on from my tussle with the cybercrooks last week, my bank account is now safe (fingers crossed) as is everything else (toes crossed). I’ve changed passwords and PINs. I’ve told the boy he is never going to be able to buy any Fifa points on the tablet ever again. Then I tried a modest online purchase with my new debit card and the transaction was refused. I phoned the bank fraud bods again and went through security questions – some of which really demanded a trawl back into the dusty recesses of my memory. The transaction was approved. But the bank man said he couldn’t promise it wouldn’t happen again if I tried an online purchase.

The thing is I think I was already super-careful with my financial passwords, PINs, cards and whatnot anyway. It comes partly from being partner-less: no-one to share your bed or your PIN with. Yet a report out this week said that a third of those who had been in a relationship of less than a year said they had shared their PIN with their new partner. And the Paymentsense report says that 43% of women trust their partners with their credit cards: frankly, words fail me.

This ‘what’s mine is yours’ attitude is wrong. Happiness is keeping your own bank account and credit card. It is memorising your own PIN and not sharing it with anyone. Love doesn’t have to mean sharing everything. And while I’m on this particular soapbox: I can’t imagine anything worse than having to ask your partner for permission to buy something from your joint account (and I do know of a woman who does just this) or even just having your purchases questioned while the other half peruses the bank statement. I understand that if you aren’t working then you will have some financial interdependence with your partner but if that’s the case have a joint account and one in your name alone. There’s a real freedom in the privacy of having your own financial arrangements.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019