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It’s a sad day when Apple tries to flog you insurance

apple care insuranceThe humiliation of using my cast-off iPhone 5 has become a burden too heavy to bear for Dear Daughter. She has decided that all birthday and Christmas present spend must be directed to an upgrade: a gold iPhone 6.

Whether tweenagers should carry around such expensive kit is debatable, especially when it means sacrificing other gifts like socks, festive jumpers and so on. I made the case for sticking with the 5, drew the line at the 7 and eventually compromised (gave in) to the notion of the 6.

Hence I was playing Santa to the red-shirted Apple elves amid the white wood benches of the Kingston branch last week.

All was great until the (charming) sales guy pressed the AppleCare+ booklet into my hand. I was teleported immediately on to the carpet tiles of an out-of-town, White Goods R US shopfloor. “Would Madam like to purchase a care plan for your new £15 hairdryer? At £30 per month, it’s great value!”

Has the mighty Apple come to this? One of the biggest companies in the world which makes billions of dollars from luxury gadgets – is now peddling policies?

I perused the paperwork at home over the weekend. In typical Apple style, it was well-laid out and crystal clear, which made it even more puzzling. The policy doesn’t cover loss or theft. So what’s the point? Plus you have to be 18 or over, which rules out Dear Daughter.

For £89, I get two claims of accidental damage on the 6 in two years. One of those years the phone is under warranty anyway. There is also a £25 excess that I would have to pay on screen damage and higher excesses on more severe damage. Oh and then you have access to technical support by phone which you have for free by nipping into the store’s Genius Bar.

I won’t be signing up. Like most people, my gadgets are covered by the all risks section of my house contents insurance policy (but check your excess). If we have a screen shatter, I call someone like iMend who come to the house or office within 24 hours to fix it for £60 (Apple stores can charge around £100). Finally, there are better, cheaper policies out there. Take a look at www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/cheap-mobile-phone-insurance for more details.

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Monday, 22 April 2019