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Is Sky TV really worth it?

sky tv worth itI don’t believe it! The average monthly bill for Sky has apparently fallen for the first time ever. That may be so in TV Wonderland but not in the Minted household where TV fees seem to be on a one-way journey: up.

I ditched Sky back in 2016 when my monthly bill hit £31.75. That was the basic package with no sports or movie premiere channels. It was still a tough decision to make. Even though no-one was actually watching it, I thought they might in the future so I wanted to stick with it. I even called them up to try out the Money Saving Expert idea that you can haggle them down by threatening to leave. They couldn’t wait to see the back of me.

In a huff, I went off and bought a couple of Humax set-top boxes and we’ve been happily watching Freesat ever since. They weren’t cheap though at £230-ish each at the time. I suppose I’ve just about paid it off by now with what I’ve saved from the Sky subscription.

So I’m hopping mad to see Sky is now touting a similar deal to my old one for £20 a month, rising to £25 after 18 months plus set up costs, for new customers. It’s the same old story that loyalty doesn’t pay. Ironically, I would now be eligible for that deal having left two years ago.

I won’t go back though because we now have streaming. Mr Minted is an Amazon Prime client so for £79 pounds a year we can get all their shows and films as well as free one-day delivery on shopping. Then we also have a two-screen Netflix deal which has irritatingly just bounced up from £7.49 to £7.99 a month – an inflation-busting 6.7%.

These together mean we’re still splurging out £14.57 a month on telly, plus £147 on the licence fee every year. I don’t know about you but I’m too busy to watch TV and my kids are glued to You Tube. I’m going to get a DVD of a crackling fire and run it on loop. Do you think anyone will notice?

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Saturday, 20 April 2019