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In the Black on Friday

 image1 25So, in the spirit of Black Friday, I decided today would be the day to save money. First, I emailed off my claim for a delayed train journey – the train driver was so insistent in his announcements that passengers should claim for the 40-odd minute delay due to some signalling cock-up that it would have been rude not to. So, that’s 25% off the return fair which was £30.30 – £7.57 – hopefully popping into my bank account soon-ish.

Then I decided to cancel the Christmas treat. The theatre emailed to say that instead of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe it was doing The Wizard of Oz instead. What kind of substitution is that? There’s nothing Christmassy about Dorothy and the munchkins – and we wanted Aslan, not a cowardly lion. So, quick call to the theatre and that’s £31 back in the account. That will pay for plenty of Fifa points to make up for the disappointment. Add on the refund Marks & Sparks promised me yesterday of £35 for an unavailable present and the credit column of my bank account will be getting overcrowded.
But I still had the big one to do: to get my tv/broadband/phone bills cut. And I sort of succeeded. I phoned Sky and said that according to uswitch I could save £30-40 a month by moving to BT (although there was a set-up fee of £59.99). The (very nice) lady at Sky pointed out that it was a new customer offer – I mumbled something about loyalty.. . Anyway, a bit of juggling later and I think I’ve cut the bill by £20 a month – and without all the hassle of new email addresses/boxes etc. I think I probably could have done better than that, but I hate haggling and £20 is, after all, £240 a year.
So, all in all, that’s not bad. Now I can spend it all on ‘discounted’ Black Friday presents.

If I don't think about my pension, will it go away...
Sky's the limit?


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Wednesday, 24 April 2019