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How to save money on birthday cards

save on kids' birthdaysThe first three months of the year is peak kids’ birthdays down here. And, with birthdays, comes parties and with parties, massive expense for the parents of the party boy/girl. The cost for attendees’ parents is obviously less, but it can still mount up.

For the first party of the year, I sneakily re-gifted an unwanted, untouched Christmas present. And to my shame, I have also hijacked a couple of other discarded presents and they are already gift wrapped, ready to be presented to the next male birthday party-holder.

But now here’s the problem: girls. Not sure any of them would appreciate the very boyish presents I want to re-gift. So what do I give them? The boy has an invitation to the birthday party of one of his female classmates this weekend. So here’s the tightwad solution – and also one that said girl will no doubt prefer to some ill-chosen, age-inappropriate present I would get here, given that I know little of the ways of 11 year old girls – a ten pound note in a card.

Not just any card, either. I did pop into the local shops and couldn’t find anything for less than a couple of quid. In my experience, kids don't give a toss about the cards they are given as long as they aren’t obviously aimed at the opposite sex: so no pink fairies for boys, no dinosaurs for girls. Imagine my joy when I find a card for a whole 25p at Tesco: total bargain. And it’s not that bad, either. I’m sure the birthday girl won’t care, she’ll be more into the money inside. 

For top tips on where the birthday girl should put her tenner, check out savings accounts at www.moneysupermarket.com/savings/childrens/. See also our quick guide to children's savings here.

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Monday, 22 April 2019