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How to always get the best price for your shopping

best prices shoppingCan’t believe that I had barely shaken the sand from my handbag after the blissful bank holiday weekend and I was shopping again.

We returned from sunny Devon to find the fizzy siren had gone off. This isn’t some whizzy tech gadget: it’s my sister who keeps a keen eye on champagne deals and texts me whenever there’s a good one. (Thanks, Auntie Minted!) Tesco has dropped the price of my favourite Lanson Black Label from £32 to £25 with a further 25% off if you buy six. At £18.75, this is too good a deal to miss. (It lasts until the end of today if you can get a delivery slot, by the way, or may still be available in your local Tesco store.)

I am always so thrilled by these offers as Team Minted, although very thirsty for fizzy, can’t actually afford to drink it at full price. So I always pounce on deals to stockpile for the future. These bottles are earmarked for Christmas which seems a little too much forward planning but is actually a great way to save on the spend at the end of the year. I also noticed that the supermarkets misjudged the weather this Easter. When I went to my local Morrisons yesterday there were plenty of yellow-stickered joints while the sausage and burger counter was bare. I nipped a half-price shoulder of lamb into the basket for freezing. That’ll be a lovely Sunday roast in the weeks ahead when temperatures have dipped back to normal levels ie struggling to get above mild.

Opportunistic buying and an eagle-eyed family member are great but there are digital ways to find the best price. For food shopping, I like www.mysupermarket.co.uk which surveys the supermarkets to find the best deal on any given item.

For bigger purchases, my advice is to use a price comparison website. You simply type (or paste) in the name of your item and hit go. The site then lists the retailers who are selling it at the cheapest price. SMM likes the following: Pricehunter, Pricespy and Idealo*. There is also a function to input the price you want to pay for your item. When it drops to or below the price, you get an email alert.

For clothes, most brands have an online outlet store with decent offers. You can also find real bargains at websites such as Brand Alley and Vente Privee. With just a little bit of searching and patience, there really is no reason to pay full-price for anything.

See our SMM guide to saving on shopping for more tips.

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