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How I got the pip with Apple


There are very few things that make me cry these days. But technology – failing technology, in particular – can have me in floods of tears. My poor son is used to my childish tantrums over computer glitches/useless mobile phones. Combine these with the hell of trying to get someone to help and everything's going to get soaked. Witness the technological nightmare I went through on Wednesday.

This involved the iPad. I love the iPad I ‘share’ with my son. I wouldn’t be without it: I play unchallenging games such as Candy Crush (I know: embarrassing) while waiting for the boy to finish school. Nor do I expect an iPad to last forever. But I only bought this one in October for a not inconsiderable £379. And on Tuesday night, it stopped working: it wouldn’t charge and went black. No worries. I bought it direct from Apple and it’s only a few months old so I didn’t foresee any problems getting it fixed.

On Wednesday morning I logged onto the Apple website and requested a call. At around 10.15am, a man phoning from (I guess) the USA called. I could now go through all the online chats/phone calls I went through – suffice it to say that it took until 7pm that evening to sort the problem and I’m not convinced it’s over yet. Much of the problem was that Apple wanted me to provide a receipt. So I had to take a photo of the receipt I found on the Apple website and send it to them – and that took several phone calls, lots of online chats with the resolutely cheery Apple bods to sort out. Even now I have to wait for an email which could arrive at any time (and as late as Monday) before I can start the process of having it repaired.

I do realise that they need to make sure customers are who they say they are and aren’t trying to get a free repair. But really, would a fraudster be bothered to give up most of a day trying to arrange a repair (not a free device)? And if I could get the receipt from the Apple website, proving who I am, then surely they could too? It’s enough to drive anyone to tears, isn’t it?

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Monday, 22 April 2019