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Hatching a plan for Easter Egg alternatives

Ieaster eggs 3190052 640’ve just shelled out £10 for an Easter egg: but I wish I hadn’t. Junior is not that bothered about chocolate. He’d rather have a smoky bacon crisp egg (sadly unavailable). That inevitably means I will have to help him eat the egg, which are calories I hardly need.

It does seem as if the whole Easter egg thing has gone over the top. There’s the Waitrose avocado egg selling fast – yum, green chocolate. Or there’s this marvel being recommended in one newspapers - yes, that is E1,700 for a mass of cocoa and sugar. And of course chocolate eggs are not as good value as bars of the stuff. Which? says that up to a third of the weight of an egg is cardboard and plastic.

So if you want alternatives to Easter eggs yet still want to mark the occasion, what can you do? You could make a Simnel cake but I think fruit cakes with marzipan are possibly more popular with older generations than children. A special chocolate cake is an idea – this one doesn’t involve any difficult decorations or ghastly icing tinted with food colouring. Biscuits are a good idea – I wouldn’t attempt the fiddly icing option on these but the jam version looks easy enough. You could make a batch of (vaguely) egg shaped biscuits and get the kids to decorate them yourself if you can face the mess and the waste. In my experience while children like doing icing they don’t always want to eat them after. More popular would be these: they are basically chocolate crispy cakes.

Of course the high street has plenty of Easter egg alternatives, from Lidl’s Hot Cross Bun ice cream to McDonalds crème egg McFlurry – there are even eggs for cats and dogs. There’s a cheese Easter egg. Or a crème egg Yorkshire pudding. I think we’ve reached peak Easter with hot cross bun flavoured gin. None of these will of course be any use if you’re trying to find alternatives to chocolate Easter eggs for the traditional hunt – though you could wrap up your Easter biscuits and use them instead. You could download an app for a virtual egg hunt, but if you want a proper one, how about hiding coins taped to egg shaped bits of card instead? Most children would prefer money to eggs – and if you want to encourage them to build up a nest egg then have a look at our saving for children guide here.

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Guest - Claire Saul on Monday, 02 April 2018 21:00

Love this post – I have shared the link on my regular feature on PainPalsBlog “Monday Magic – this week Chocolatey Posts for You”, Claire x

Love this post :D – I have shared the link on my regular feature on PainPalsBlog “Monday Magic – this week Chocolatey Posts for You”, Claire x
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