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Five ways to get fit for free

get fit for freeDo you underestimate the amount of calories you eat every day? That was yesterday’s headline on the Daily Telegraph. Apparently the obesity crisis is all about no-one knowing exactly how fattening a Hob-nob is – leading to overindulgence.

There may be some truth in the notion but, in my own case, I’m overweight because I eat biscuits full stop. Whether Jaffa cakes are 10 calories each (if only) or a Kit Kat 500 a go (probably) makes no difference to my 4 pm snacking habits. And sitting at a desk all day does nothing to help my energy output either.

During winter, you can flatter the flab in woollies but it’s only six weeks until Easter holidays and then summer is just around the corner. I really have to take action if I want to have a beach bod rather than be a beach blob. So I’ve found five ways to get fit to share with you which, as an added incentive, won’t cost you a penny.

1. Forget paying for exercise classes, you can follow fitness videos from the comfort (and privacy) of your own front room. Available from beginner to advanced level. See some gym-free workouts from the NHS here, high intensity but actually very easy training from YouTube star Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach (now on mainstream TV) here and husband and wife team Fitness Blender here.

2. Fancy running but can't get motivated? See this NHS plan to get beginners fit in nine weeks here. It’s called Couch to 5k and is available as an app too.

3. Lots of gyms let you have free trials before making you subscribe. See how many day-passes or taster sessions you can collect in your local area. Some shops also give away free classes or fitness events including Sweaty Betty, Lululemon, Nike and Reebok.

4. Check with your council for details of free fitness facilities, usually in the local park. There may be anything from tennis courts to outdoor gym equipment called trim trails. If you pass by on the weekends, you might discover a free football or running club. If not, think about getting a few friends together and starting your own.

5. Lose weight by volunteering. Chopping down trees or path-clearing for conservation groups can burn off the calories. There’s also a website called Borrow My Doggy which matches dog-owners with people keen to exercise them. Sadly there’s a small fee. Instead, find out if any of your neighbours could do with a helping lead and go walkies.

You can ask money saving questions or share tips in our Skinted Minted forum here.

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