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Early Black Friday: can you save money on Christmas presents?

thanksgivingThanksgiving Day used to be stateside-only celebration, where families gathered together to give thanks in memory (probably) of the 1619 safe arrival of 38 English settlers in Virginia as well as the gathering in of the harvest. Today, it’s not just about turkey and cranberries but shopping. The day after the US Thanksgiving Day is known as Black Friday – where retailers offer discounts on goods.

This year Black Friday is 24 November. However Amazon has just announced that it will be running ten days of Black Friday discounts from 17 November. Other retailers will no doubt jump onto the early Black Friday bandwagon. And on the actual day, there will also be the usual shoppers fighting over widescreen TVs appearing on the news. Even after Black Friday’s gone, there’s always Cyber Monday (27 November), its online equivalent.

So am I being stupid ignoring it all? I doubt it. First of all, there’s no way I’m going to join a scrum of shoppers at the local superstore. But I do like internet bargain hunting. Yet I’ve just shelled out a large amount for the boy’s Christmas present - an X Box One with Fifa 18 (he won’t be reading this, this not being a site concerned with football) far in advance of Black Friday. I’ve paid more than £200 for it with the game and an extra controller from Smyths Toys. I’ve been watching prices on it for a while and that seems to be a good price (it says it’s a discount of just under £110).

Yes buying early- rather than waiting for a couple of weeks - means I could be out of pocket which is a bit of a worry. But I don’t think I will be: and I’d rather make sure I got what I actually needed to get in plenty of time for Christmas and at a fair price. As far as other Christmas shopping I need to do, I can’t imagine there being any savings on the new Chelsea FC third kit or on I-Tunes/Amazon/Marks & Sparks gift vouchers which make up much of the rest of my must-buy list. So I’m going to stay in the black on Black Friday...

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Sunday, 21 April 2019