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Cyber crime: now I'm a victim

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Three days ago, I got an odd email. It looked like the usual iTunes bill – but it was for a monthly subscription to a pre-school games site that we have never had. So I contacted Apple and it said there was no such transaction and not to worry.

The dodgy email didn’t have a click through on it and I had not disclosed any financial information, so I hoped all was OK. But I was still concerned. So I phoned my bank and asked it to keep a watch on my account (as my debit card is linked the iPad). They told me to contact them if I saw any odd transactions.

The next day I got a text from my bank asking if I had made a transaction of £0 on an Xbox. We don’t have an Xbox. I logged onto my current account and found that among the pending transactions was one for £175 in a card not present transaction to a department store in Madrid: not one I had made. I phoned the bank and went through a lot of security questions. My debit card is now cancelled and the bank won’t process the dodgy transaction. I’ve no idea if the iPad incident and my card number being used fraudulently are linked – if not, then I guess I’m just doubly unlucky.

Anyway, so all is OK now with everything (fingers crossed). But it is a pain in many ways. Obviously I am without a debit card for a few days but that’s not all. I think I am pretty careful with my bank details. I don’t press the ‘remember my details’ online. While I won’t miss out financially, the whole experience fuels my paranoia. I’ve checked my credit cards are OK. Every email and text is treated with suspicion. It also makes me really angry that some scumbag has tried to get his hands on my money. And it makes me kind of long for the days before internet banking when, if your pocket was picked, then at least there was a chance of catching the felon red-handed. What are the odds of the anonymous cyber-criminal being caught?

Have you been the victim of online fraud? Tell us at hello@skintedmintedmum.co.uk.

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Monday, 22 April 2019