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Brexit: the boy's got the blues

stadium 709181 640After ‘accidentally’ breaking the boy’s copy of Now 95, I can now listen to the Today programme on the school run. Having an angry Welshman harangue a politician keeps me on my toes on the country roads. And there’s an extra advantage: the 10 year old has by osmosis picked up a reasonable grasp of current affairs.

This week, of course, the news has been taken over by Brexit. So, Brexit, says child, thoughtfully. What does it really mean? I launch into a description of the ins and outs, as it were, for the economy, our personal finances etc. But will it affect Chelsea, he asks, almost tearfully. Will it mean all the European players have to go back home (which would mean the Chelsea side would, I think, be down to one player)? Oh well, that’s put it all in context: why worry about your own future and finances when there are a bunch of overpaid, grumpy prima donnas to consider?

Of course there is a serious side to Brexiting. The pound has already strengthened (so maybe a foreign holiday isn’t out of the question). But then, the stock market tumbled (pension fund falls in value: holiday off). Interest rates could rise – bad news if you’re a borrower but good for savers. Yet of course not everything is sorted. The only thing that’s pretty well guaranteed is that we have more ups and downs ahead. It’s unexciting, certainly, but the best way to prepare for future instability is to reduce or eliminate your debts. And, boring though it is, you also need a cash cushion. One place to find the best savings rates is at http://moneyfacts.co.uk/savings/best-savings-rates/.

While our major worries here will be whether Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois will stay in London or return to Belgium, perhaps our concerns are no more frivolous than others. I just read on the BBC website that people are worrying about the effect of Brexit on endangered species and even whether the UK will be in the Eurovision Song Contest ....

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Saturday, 20 April 2019