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Are you paying too much for your broadband speed?

check broadband speedI’ve been totally mugged off, as they would say on Love Island, by BT. I’ve just found out how much I am overpaying for broadband. Worse, I’m halfway through an 18-month contract with them so that’s a lot of unnecessary cash spent already.

I only looked into this because BT sent me some bumpf about a new special broadband deal. Our road has had a long-running dispute with BT about upgrading ‘the cabinet’ so we can get faster than snail-pace broadband. We live at the top of Minted Avenue, attached to the premier cabinet, and get 25Mb tops. Those who live at the bottom and are served by the rubbish cabinet get 3Mb – no joke. And get this: I am paying BT for a fibre broadband speed of 50Mb.

So it made me extra hopping mad when BT sent me the laughable offer to upgrade to Superfast Fibre Plus at 67Mb for £58.99 a month (for 18 months) plus £9.99 upfront. Can’t they read my postcode? This level of speed just isn’t physically possible. I can say that because I’ve done BT’s own speed test and seen the problem is coming into Minted HQ, not going from the hub around the house.

I took a little look on comparison website Compare The Market to see what I would pay for a deal at a more realistic level of 35Mb. It hurt. I could get a Vodafone Broadband Superfast deal for £22 a month for 18 months (landline included) plus a £50 Amazon voucher. Or I could have it for £20 a month as I’m already a Vodafone mobile customer. In comparison, I’m paying £42.99 a month to BT and that was after a discount!

Initially I thought I was stuck in a contract with BT. It turns out that I’m not. There is a big notice on my deal paperwork about the minimum guaranteed speed I can expect and it’s well above what I’m actually getting. If they can’t fix it, I can get out of my contract early without penalty. Ah-ha! (Most other big broadband suppliers are signed up to this industry code of practice, by the way.)

Seeing as the service has been just so bad, I’m now willing to do whatever it takes: lengthy phone calls and endless frustration guaranteed. I will report back!

In the meantime, you can check out your own Mb at at independent website Speedchecker. And please let me know if you’re experiencing similar problems at the SMM forum here.

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Saturday, 20 April 2019