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Specsavers v VisonDirect: which is cheaper for contact lenses?


cheap contact lensesGoggle-eyed from trying to find the cheapest contact lenses? Me too. Having seen a lot of promotions recently on trains and planes for websites with cut-price offers, I decided to see if I could get a better deal than my local Specsavers.

Unfortunately I have astigmatism which means the lenses I need are more expensive than the standard ones. I don’t wear them very often, just for sport and nights out. At home or for general schlepping about, I stick to my trusty specs. All of which means that two boxes (one for each eye) of 30 lenses will last me three or four months, not just 30 days.

Even so, at £20 a box from Specsavers, it’s a lot to pay for being glasses-free. I thought I’d see what was available via the internet, assuming it would be cheaper. And, goodness me, on initial investigation, it wasn’t.

My first port of call was VisionDirect, for which I’d picked up a 10% discount voucher. A box of my Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism was actually £20.49, although delivery was free. I’d save a couple of quid with my voucher on my first order and I could stockpile a few boxes to make the most of the discount. But after that I’d be back to the normal price.

Not so good. But then I decided to look at a comparison website, Google Shopping. The same box of lenses was being advertised for £17.39, plus £2.98 shipping. That’s £20.37 altogether, still more than Specsavers, but that’s just for one box. If I order at least three, which is over what looks like a £50 minimum, delivery is free. At £17.39 per box, that’s a £2.61 saving over Specsavers.

I can only assume that the price is cheaper on the comparison site to draw customers in by being top of the league tables. Perhaps the same is true of all sellers as the comparison sites might have more digital footfall than the seller’s website alone. Whatever you’re buying, it’s probably worth checking prices first. As well as Google Shopping, SMM likes PriceSpy and Idealo.

Finally, a word of warning. Not all the deals are on all websites so look at two or three. Also, check out the company you want to use on Trustpilot or similar first. I’ve bought some things on Amazon recently I’m quite sure are fakes and you don’t want to be stuffing rogue lenses in your eyes.

See our SMM guide here to saving on shopping.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019