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Are you being fleeced for paper phone bills?

I was horrified to find out last week that I am paying £3 extra every time BT sends me a paper bill in the post for my second landline. As they do it every month, that’s a whole £36 a year on top of the iniquitous rental charge of £19.99 a month. It’s not often you have the Daily Mail to thank for a...
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Cheap prom dresses: how to be a budget belle of the ball

Shopping for prom dresses, not skiing, was how I spent the half-term holiday. I was hoping for a lovely bonding experience with Dear Daughter of trying on wonderful creations. Instead it was a horrible slog of ghastly backless bling and, in one specialist shop, the most barefaced, hard-sell tactics ...
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How the post office stole Christmas

Amazons, get ready to shop! The post office is going on a series of strikes from next Monday right up until Christmas Eve (seasons greetings to you too, Mr Postie). If you don’t order now, your package may most definitely not arrive in time for the big day. Even before this, we were getting a little...
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