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How to save money on breakdown cover

Along with the rest of the country at least part of our Christmas holiday will be spent chugging up and down motorways visiting friends and relations. My car is a boring reliable Japanese tank but this time last year it refused to start - embarrassingly enough in the school car park. After that, I b...
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Insurers charge more than credit cards to pay monthly for car insurance

I was thinking about paying my car insurance monthly until I saw the cost on my renewal notice for doing so: 28.8% APR representative or 12% of my premium extra. Crikey, that’s more than most credit cards, I thought. Just to be certain I double-checked with Moneyfacts. According to their latest figu...
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Why YOU should get breakdown cover

As far as my car is concerned, I have relied on keeping it on the road by having it annually serviced and MOT-d – as well as it being a solid, boring, Japanese-built tank. I didn’t have breakdown cover. I thought it was a waste of money. After what happened last week I do now. Said car refused to st...
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