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How to sell your home faster

dog and swimming poolThanks to economic uncertainty (and Brexit, of course) house price growth is at a six year low according to Nationwide Building Society. Remember, though that what’s happening to the value of your home actually doesn’t matter much unless you want to move, or you have a large mortgage with little equity and want to remortgage.

However, perhaps you have to move – maybe you need more room or you’ve a new job which means relocating. So how do you sell your home faster in a difficult climate? Obviously you need to ask the right price for it: a bit of research online and the help of a good estate agent will be invaluable.

But there are other things you can make sure NOT to do if you want to sell your home quickly. According to NAEA Propertymark there are several things that could devalue your home and make it harder to sell. Firstly is over-personalisation: you might love your bright orange kitchen and bold patterned wallpaper in your sitting room. But buyers won’t. Nor will they like loads of family photos. Buyers have to be able to imagine themselves in your home so you need to give them a blank canvas. That means splashing on the white and magnolia emulsion.

On a similar theme, if you want to sell your home quickly it needs to be clean, tidy and smells fresh. Also buyers like light rooms too: so trim back garden plants or bushes keeping the light from getting in. You should also ensure any outstanding DIY jobs are completed and that your home is in a ready-to-move in condition. Bigger and more expensive jobs which should be fixed include making sure your roof is in good condition and that any damp problem or cracks in the walls are treated. Even though expensive, a new boiler and replacing single-glazed windows with double glazing could make the difference between selling your home easily and for a good price and seeing it stuck on the market for ever.

If you’ve got a swimming pool then that could stop you selling your home quickly. Given that the UK summer can only last a few weeks then outside pools will get little usage and cost a lot to maintain. Surprisingly swimming pools can put buyers off – particularly if they are poorly maintained. Get the pool filled in – or wait until the sun starts shining before trying to sell your home. Buyers will also be put off by Japanese knotweed in your garden: if you think you have it, get a professional in to rid you of the pest as soon as possible. Finally, if you’ve done any building works or made improvements ensure you have the appropriate buildings regulation or planning provision documents.

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