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Body blow for Jisas as Nationwide calls time on its account for new savers

Body blow for Jisas as Nationwide calls time on its account for new saversBritain’s biggest building society Nationwide has pulled its Junior Isa (Jisa) from sale with immediate effect: a stunning snub to the government’s saving scheme for children. Nationwide says it’s dumped the Jisa in favour of an ordinary kid’s savings accounts after parents said they wanted to keep ...

Ten things to put on your Christmas countdown list

Ten things to put on your Christmas countdown listThe local supermarket already has several shelves of Christmas chocolates. Who on earth would buy them now? I know chocolate lasts for ages – but there is little chance of that in this house without them being ‘tested’. However there are ways of getting ahead for Christmas. Here’s my skinted top 10....

Why you MUST put pensions first when divorcing

Why you MUST put pensions first when divorcingDivorce is undoubtedly painful, particularly if it becomes combative. So it is good news that the government is looking at introducing no fault divorces which should mean that splitting up becomes more civilised. So, fingers crossed that this bit of legislation goes through. I’ve never been divorced...

Can you save £2,600 a year by remortgaging?

Can you save £2,600 a year by remortgaging?If you’ve got a mortgage, then it can be all too easy simply to make the monthly repayments and assume you are fine. After all, interest rates are low – so why would you bother to go to the hassle of switching deals? Actually, there are more compelling reasons than ever for sorting out your mortgage...

Five ways YOU can be safe from online fraud

Five ways YOU can be safe from online fraudHere’s a sobering thought for you. Apparently one in four Britons have been defrauded when shopping online losing typically £608.The new Shieldpay Fraud Tracker also found that 8% of online shoppers who have been victims of fraud were defrauded more than once. Women, however, are either more careful...

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SMM REVIEW: should you sign up to the Hargreaves Lansdown savings hub?

SMM REVIEW: should you sign up to the Hargreaves Lansdown savings hub?Finally a useful financial product. Hargreaves Lansdown has come up with an online cash savings hub called Active Savings. You simply put your money in the hub and then give instructions online to feed it into your choice of savings accounts offered by the hub’s partner banks. The advantage of being...

Can you afford to send your kids to private school?

Can you afford to send your kids to private school?School open days are now in full swing as the new academic year gets underway. Of course, there are plenty of brilliant state schools where your child would thrive. But could you afford to educate them privately? At first sight, the answer is no. According to the Independent Schools Council, the ave...

Specsavers v VisonDirect: which is cheaper for contact lenses?

Specsavers v VisonDirect: which is cheaper for contact lenses?Goggle-eyed from trying to find the cheapest contact lenses? Me too. Having seen a lot of promotions recently on trains and planes for websites with cut-price offers, I decided to see if I could get a better deal than my local Specsavers. Unfortunately I have astigmatism which means the lenses I nee...

Six ways you can save on mobile phone bills

Six ways you can save on mobile phone billsApple is set to launch a new iPhone (or maybe two) tomorrow but I won’t be upgrading. My iPhone 7, which was cutting-edge when I got it just two years ago, is still going strong. So I’ve been looking at SIM-only deals (where you pay just for calls and data, not the handset) instead and I’ve managed ...

Is your child due a windfall?

Is your child due a windfall?If your child turns 16 from 1 September this year, it’s likely they could be quids in as the first child trust funds (CTFs) mature. CTFs were a government initiative to encourage long-term saving. Children born between 1 September 2002 and 1 January 2011 were given vouchers worth between £50 and £1,...


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