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False economies: when it’s better to replace than repair

False economies: when it’s better to replace than repairFew things annoy me more than malfunctioning appliances. A computer which refuses to boot up or a dishwasher that breaks down mid-cycle can have me in floods of tears. I can’t fix them: I wouldn’t even try. But actually my reluctance to go through the hassle of repairing bust items might be sensible...

Why you need an emergency fund

Why you need an emergency fundThe past decade has not been much fun for savers. While low interest rates are great for borrowers they are not much good for savers – who after all massively outnumber borrowers. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that Britons are saving less. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that i...

Where can you get cash when there’s no ATM in your town?

Where can you get cash when there’s no ATM in your town?I was in the local mini-supermarket a couple of Sundays ago. In front of me was a man who bought a single bag of crisps with his debit card – and got £50 cashback. The lady behind the till told me there had been plenty of others that morning doing the same thing. There isn’t a single cash machine in...

Should you switch your kids’ Junior Isas?

Should you switch your kids’ Junior Isas?I have been neglecting my son’s Junior Isa. Not having the spare cash to put anything in at the moment is one reason. The other is that half of it is invested in the Neil Woodford fund Jane wrote about last month – see here - so it’s not performing well. Anyway, there isn’t much money in it – less t...

Should you put in a PPI claim as deadline looms?

Should you put in a PPI claim as deadline looms?Payment protection insurance (PPI) was one of the great personal finance scandals of the past decade or so. This insurance was sold to those taking out personal loans, mortgages and credit cards. The idea of it was that it would cover repayments if you couldn’t make payments. But lots of those sold ...

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Cash Isas – where is the best rate?

Cash Isas – where is the best rate?Virgin Money emailed me last week to tell me my cash Isa was maturing. They’ve paid me a not-that-exciting 1.3% on my £5,000 over the past year. I decided it was time to look around for something better. One option was to stay with Virgin and transfer into a follow-on cash Isa. The suggested product...

Where should you invest this year?

Where should you invest this year?If you’re brave enough to overcome fears of Brexit and a global slowdown, where should you invest this year? You can squirrel away up to £20,000 this year in the tax perk Isa account but you must do it by the end of the tax year (5 April) or lose the allowance entirely. Of course you can have the mo...

Car rental rip-offs abroad and how to dodge-em

Car rental rip-offs abroad and how to dodge-emHiring a car abroad this Easter? One of the easiest pitfalls to avoid – and there are many – is being forced into buying overpriced insurance at the rental desk when you pick up the car. Basic cover is included in the rental price but usually it doesn’t include damage to tyres, windows, the interior...

Start your journey as an investment wonder woman here

Start your journey as an investment wonder woman hereHaving your own money is a crucial step on the way to empowerment for a woman, or in fact as an individual of any gender. Making sure your nest-egg is growing at its optimum rate is key, yet many women shun investing in favour of ‘safer’ cash savings. Being cautious is one thing, but depriving yours...

Are you being fleeced for paper phone bills?

Are you being fleeced for paper phone bills?I was horrified to find out last week that I am paying £3 extra every time BT sends me a paper bill in the post for my second landline. As they do it every month, that’s a whole £36 a year on top of the iniquitous rental charge of £19.99 a month. It’s not often you have the Daily Mail to thank for a...


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