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Money presents for kids: better than toys?

Money presents for kids: better than toys?You may not be able to gift wrap a tenner. And it might not cause whoops of excitement on Christmas morning. But here’s an idea: why not buy a cheapo present and bung a bank note in as well? Children are mercenary little things and they like money. They will certainly like it more than ill-chosen th...

Cash at Christmas: the perfect present for those far away

Cash at Christmas: the perfect present for those far awayCash is a brilliant present. Yes, it might be unimaginative but I would far rather have a crisp banknote than some present that I’ll hate – I’m being practical, if ungrateful here. But of course you cannot put bank notes in the post – particularly if you’re sending money to friends or relatives abro...

How to winter-proof your home – and #savemoney

How to winter-proof your home – and #savemoneyWas it cold enough for you yesterday? Well, it’s going to get even chillier soon. Apparently this is all down to La Niña, a cyclical weather phenomenon less well known than her big brother El Nino but similar. So the long-term forecast seems to be that we’re in for a cold winter. Forewarned is forea...

How to survive the office #Christmas party

How to survive the office #Christmas  partyOver the next two weeks, restaurants, pubs and clubs will be no-go zones for normal outings: yes, it’s peak office Christmas party season. Don’t go near one of these any weekday evening until Christmas unless you really want to watch others getting drunk and being obnoxious. For those of us no longe...

Why YOU should get #breakdown cover

Why YOU should get  #breakdown coverAs far as my car is concerned, I have relied on keeping it on the road by having it annually serviced and MOT-d – as well as it being a solid, boring, Japanese-built tank. I didn’t have breakdown cover. I thought it was a waste of money. After what happened last week I do now. Said car refused to st...
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Can Skinted Minted Mums make money out of #bitcoin?

Can Skinted Minted Mums make money out of #bitcoin?What’s all the fuss about bitcoin? If you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry, you soon will. It’s a digital currency which has seen over a 1,000% rise in value this year. Yes, that's the right number of zeroes and bitcoin is making millionaires out of its early investors. The big question now is wh...

Skinted Minted Mum on the #BBC: why we should teach #kids about personal finance

Skinted Minted Mum on the #BBC: why we should teach #kids about personal financeIf you woke up early this morning and turned on BBC Breakfast, you might have caught me on an outside broadcast at a school in Manchester with Steph McGovern. The topic of the day was teaching personal finance to primary school children. This is a brilliant idea in the eyes of Skinted Minted Mum, ye...

Still time to join our #FoodbankAdvent campaign for Christmas

Still time to join our #FoodbankAdvent campaign for ChristmasTomorrow is 1 December and typically the first window on your advent calendar. What will be behind the door or inside the drawer: chocolate, nail varnish or wine? Or, in a break with tradition, have you reversed your advent calendar to give an item every day rather than take one? A few weeks ago, I ...

How Meghan and Harry can benefit from their #royalengagement

How Meghan and Harry can benefit from their #royalengagementShocker: Meghan Markle will probably still have to pay US tax even as the wife of a prince. The IRS is notorious for its international reach and, regardless of where you live in the world or even if you give up your citizenship, it’s well nigh impossible for Americans to escape federal taxes. Forgiv...

Revealed: glitch that lets your kids get #discounts on shopping

Revealed: glitch that lets your kids get #discounts on shoppingChildren say and do the most remarkable things, especially when left to their own devices. I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that, while I’ve been concentrating on the two behemoths of yesterday’s Budget and tomorrow’s Black Friday, Dear Daughter has been quietly reeling in her own bargains. She’...


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