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Black Friday: a bit of a grey area?

Black Friday: a bit of a grey area?Only six weeks left until Christmas. As yet, I have bought junior two tiny stocking fillers and not a single present for anyone else. He is my major concern – and expense. While he would like endless iTunes or Xbox vouchers, I feel the need to get him something he can actually unwrap. Currently, I’m...

Would you warrant it?

Would you warrant it?October was a bad month for appliances in our house. The dishwasher conked out – it was just 14 months old. Then the boiler died – just when the weather changed. When the boy’s Xbox started playing up I suspected poltergeists, but fortunately it fixed itself. The dishwasher was still under the two y...

Would YOU share your finances with your partner?

Would YOU share your finances with your partner?Possibly the most controversial wedding vow (after obey, which surely no bride says any longer) is the bit where you promise to stick together ‘for richer or poorer’. There’s little more likely to widen the faults in a marriage than flaky finance, after all. Being married, or being in a committed re...

Should YOU buy Premium Bonds for children?

Should YOU buy Premium Bonds for children?You’d be forgiven for thinking nothing of any interest happened in the Budget this week and to an extent you’d be right. But hidden away in the details there was something: from March next year, anyone will be able to buy Premium Bonds for children. Currently, only parents and grandparents can buy t...

Freezing point: why I’m getting a new boiler

Freezing point:  why I’m getting a new boilerTalk about bad timing. Sunday was freezing cold here – it’s still pretty nippy now. So, of course, our boiler has given up the ghost. We have our gas fire on the whole time and there’s also an electric heater – but that’s really expensive to run. And the immersion heater is inefficient – we went for...

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Is NOT giving Christmas presents an option?

Is NOT giving Christmas presents an option?It’s only six weeks until Christmas! Time to start the shopping – or is it? This year I’m trying to curb the usual Minted household excesses. As presents are my biggest spend, I’m racking my brain for cost-cutting ideas and considering some radical strategies. The most obvious way to save is not to ...

Should you put all your pensions in one pot?

Should you put all your pensions in one pot?If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had lots of different jobs in your career. As a journalist, I moved publications every three or four years, leaving a trail of little pension pots behind me. Keeping tabs on them all was a headache so, about 15 years ago, I lumped them all into the work-pl...

Why not reverse your advent calendar and give to your local food bank this Christmas?

Why not reverse your advent calendar and give to your local food bank this Christmas?Gin, soap, wine or even plain old chocolate: everyone loves the countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar. But what about creating a reverse advent calendar where you give rather than get an item every day? We’re joining up again with the #FoodBankAdvent campaign this festive season to give don...

The cost of laundry is hanging me out to dry

The cost of laundry is hanging me out to dryWhere does all the washing come from? I don’t understand how Team Minted, an average family of four, can generate so much laundry. Here’s the pictorial proof. That mountain on my kitchen floor is not even a week: it’s last week’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday, piled up after Mrs Tiggy-Winkle here dare...

What does the Budget mean for Skinted and Minted Mums?

What does the Budget mean for Skinted and Minted Mums?The end to austerity was announced yesterday by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, as he set out the spending plan for the UK for the year ahead. That means more money for schools, health, social care and even fixing potholes. But how will it affect those of us running somewhat sm...


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