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Should we dump our cash #Isas?

Should we dump our cash #Isas?I have a cash Isa but frankly, I do wonder why I bother. I'm getting just 0.75% interest on it. And it seems I am not alone. According to Moneyfacts, the typical easy access cash Isa paid just 0.82% last year. Although rates have now increased a bit overall (fixed and variable) the typical Isa rate ...

Where can you go on #holiday without breaking the bank?

Where can you go on #holiday without breaking the bank?January is such an awful month: so now is the perfect time to consider this year’s holiday. For me it’s probably just dreaming. At the moment a day trip to Bognor is about all we could manage. But things could improve chez skinted. And what’s wrong with dreaming, after all? While now is meant to be ...

In the red on #BlueMonday

In the red on #BlueMondayBlue Monday - which falls on 15 January this year - is meant to be the most depressing day of the year. There is a pseudo-scientific calculation on this (which wouldn’t stand up to any rigorous scrutiny) but basically it's a combination of bad weather/post-Christmas lows/broken resolutions and a mou...

#Freechildcare: why aren't you claiming it?

#Freechildcare: why aren't you claiming it?Fortunately, my days of paying for childcare are long gone. When I lived in London and had a full time job, I was paying £200 a week for a childminder. As the childminder also seemed to go sick fairly regularly, meaning I had to take time off work – and if the boy even showed signs of sickness she w...

New year, new #savings resolution

New year, new #savings resolutionThe best resolutions are the ones you can keep beyond this month. In this house we’ve settled for junior making his bed every day and promising to try a new food once a week. I’ve gone for money saving ones, of course. That means planning meals, trying not to use the tumble dryer too much and cuttin...

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Revealed: the simple strategy to achieve your #saving goals

Revealed: the simple strategy to achieve your #saving goalsHow are your New Year’s resolutions going? Still on track or abandoned? I’m sorry to admit that I haven’t managed to save a single penny which means my Christmas overspend will remain unpaid at the end of this month. I’ve not achieved even a chink in the debt mountain. That of course makes me feel l...

Why you should worry about the #stockmarket highs

Why you should worry about the #stockmarket highsShare prices are through the roof, which has to be good, right? Actually, that’s debatable. In fact, I’d argue it’s wrong. That’s because when share prices rise fast and quickly, as they’ve been doing recently, it tends to signal that a fall is somewhere on the horizon. Why is this relevant to skint...

Why you need a second (or even third) #dishwasher

Why you need a second (or even third) #dishwasherI only have one dishwasher but I’ve realised I’m seriously behind the times. Several friends who have moved into new houses recently have either inherited or installed two dishwashers and one family I know has THREE. Good grief, the Minted kitchen is looking positively outdated. Before I rushed off ...

Today #Skinted Minted Mum is one year old!

Today #Skinted Minted Mum is one year old!It's officially our birthday! We've been going for a whole 12 months now - delivering top money-saving (and making) tips to skinted and minted mums across the country and even the world. Hello to all our Hong Kong SMMs who will be reading this long before the UK lot get out of bed! Now we are one th...

Three whizzy new #banking apps to help Skinted Minted Mums manage their money

Three whizzy new #banking apps to help Skinted Minted Mums manage their moneyI confess to being a “late adopter” of technology. I didn’t get a mobile phone until years after everyone else and never really believed the internet would take off. Nevertheless, I can recognise a clever innovation and a couple have recently passed under my nose. They are phone apps which essential...


HELLO from two journalists in very different circumstances! One of us is better off than the other but that doesn't stop us being good friends with a shared interest in getting the most for our money.

As we’ve both worked for a long time writing about personal finance, we've got a bit of a head start through the maze of banking, saving, mortgages, pensions and investment.

But not everyone is so lucky. We've met a lot of mums over the years who get overwhelmed by money matters, including the brain surgeons and rocket scientists. And no wonder – there’s really too much information out there and even the idiot’s guides are complicated.

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