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Top tips for fighting wolves on the web

Top tips for fighting wolves on the webMy computer is an essential part of my life. It’s on every waking hour. I do much of my shopping and nearly all my financial transactions are online. I use it to keep in (tenuous) touch with long-standing friends. My son would probably leave home if the broadband wasn’t working. Without it, we’d be ...

Spare us the Facebook holiday photos – and stop the burglars

Spare us the Facebook holiday photos – and stop the burglarsDo you remember having to go to Boots to pick up your holiday snaps? You handed your roll of film in then a few days later, got the prints complete with all the duff shots which you binned straight away. How great is it that you can now take photos with a phone and delete dodgy ones straight away. A...

Prom dresses: how NOT to end up overspending

Prom dresses: how NOT to end up overspendingIn a few weeks’ time, hordes of teenagers will be going to Prom parties – and that means a load of hassle and expense for parents. And it’s not just post-GCSE and A level students who may soon need formal wear. My 12 year old was invited to a school formal dinner because he was in the football team....

Splash the cash to improve your home - or move?

Splash the cash to improve your home - or move?Like most Britons, my most valuable possession is my home. Since I bought it seven years ago, it’s gone up in value by about 60% - which sounds great, but had we stayed in our London house then it would be far higher. I did spend money on it when we moved in – the artex had to (expensively) go and t...

How to save £££s on your car insurance

How to save £££s on your car insuranceI am a middle aged woman, live in the countryside and own a boring, elderly Japanese car. I’ve only had one tiny shunt – around 15 years ago – and I don’t drive many miles. Still, my car cover costs more than £200 a year: add on road tax at £230 a year plus MOTs, services and being a car owner is ex...

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The mistakes which get your travel claim rejected

The mistakes which get your travel claim rejectedAn essential item I’ll be taking on holiday is a travel insurance policy. I’ve claimed twice in the past two years, as regular readers will know: once for cancellation due to illness and once for a lost Kindle. Both times the insurer paid out. You can save by visiting comparison websites and picking...

Ten ways to save money on car rental

Ten ways to save money on car rentalMany of us will be renting a runaround this summer on holiday. It can be a major expense as well as a minefield so it’s worth taking the time to get the deal done properly. Following these ten tips might help you avoid the most common pitfalls while saving cash too. 1. Look early Booking in February...

Five funds I’m fed up with

Five funds I’m fed up withAre you invested in a laggard? While the kids swot, I’ve been doing my own revision – of my portfolio. I’ve earmarked for review a few investment funds which, when I bought them, were top of the pops but have since slid into mediocrity. Check out my list below because they were very popular at the t...

5-4-3-2-1 brilliant ideas for Father’s Day

5-4-3-2-1 brilliant ideas for Father’s DayShould the third Sunday of June be renamed National Barbecue Day? It seems that everyone will be celebrating Father’s Day in this way. Apparently the UK held 135 million BBQs last year at an average cost of £41, says research by Equifax. That’s a whole lot of charcoal and charred sausages. Team Mint...

Debit or credit card for shopping: which is best?

Debit or credit card for shopping: which is best?How do you shop? I’ve always assumed that most people, like me, would use their debit card to pay for everyday shopping. So I was intrigued to find out from Grandpa Minted that he puts everything on his credit card – and makes sure he pays off the balance in full at the end of the month. Because I’m...


HELLO from two journalists in very different circumstances! One of us is better off than the other but that doesn't stop us being good friends with a shared interest in getting the most for our money.

As we’ve both worked for a long time writing about personal finance, we've got a bit of a head start through the maze of banking, saving, mortgages, pensions and investment.

But not everyone is so lucky. We've met a lot of mums over the years who get overwhelmed by money matters, including the brain surgeons and rocket scientists. And no wonder – there’s really too much information out there and even the idiot’s guides are complicated.

We thought we could help by sharing any solutions we find for our own money challenges and passing on any tips and brilliant deals that we discover.

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