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What happens when #electronic payments go wrong?

What happens when #electronic payments go wrong?I do love getting flowers: but not these ones pictured here. Nice though they are, they weren’t meant for me – and I paid for them. I thought I was being very sensible, getting ahead and ordering flowers for an old friend several weeks ago. Then on Wednesday (the day before her birthday) I got the c...

Rising #inflation: is it good news for you?

Rising #inflation: is it good news for you?  Inflation is running high. In the year to September, prices were 3% up on a year ago – making it the highest annual rise for around five years. Apparently, it was down to higher food and fuel prices as well as more expensive theatre tickets. And the increase would have been even higher had it...

How to save money on #half-termholidays

How to save money on #half-termholidaysWe’re not going away for half term. In idle moments I do dream about a short break to a nice European city – I fancy Copenhagen or Vienna. But the boy doesn’t do culture. He wants to spend half term in bed or playing football or Fifa. Well, at least that’s cheap. However we did go away in the summer...

#Identitytheft: are you at risk?

#Identitytheft: are you at risk?Can interests and talents shown when young point to our children’s future careers? I jolly well hope not. The boy has just been caught forging my signature in his homework book. While I find this hilarious (I used to forge my parent’s signatures too and even sunk to altering my school reports) I do ...

How much is your #makeup bag worth?

How much is your #makeup bag worth?I’m really not making this up. Apparently the typical woman spends more than £18,000 over her lifetime on slap and the average make up bag contains £197 worth of stuff. The research (from says that British women shell out nearly £500 a year on cosmetics. And apparently Mrs or M...
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There’s no way I can save enough for an adequate #pension – why bother?

There’s no way I can save enough for an adequate #pension – why bother?How much money will you need in retirement? Half your current salary – or maybe a third? Would that be enough to live on if you just need slippers and a real fire for 20 years? Or what about the world travel you’ve promised yourself? It’s hard to know until you get to retirement age, obviously. That...

Is gold a good #investment?

Is gold a good #investment?Aunt Pecunia, our resident financial guru, loves to answer questions about money from SMMs and wanted to pass on this particular query. One SMM emailed to say she heard a discussion about gold on the radio and wanted to know Aunt P’s view on the shiny yellow stuff as an investment. Aunt P is, of cou...

Five reasons to sell an #investment

Five reasons to sell an #investmentBuy, buy is all very well but what about bye, bye? Financial firms are incredibly keen to sell us their bank accounts or investment schemes but can be tardy in letting us know when we should ditch them. In the old days, your stockbroker would have advised you when to move on but few investors now ha...

How to haggle in #Marrakech (and Great Britain)

How to haggle in #Marrakech (and Great Britain)Check out this pom-pom heaven! How many of these cute baskets and bags could you use? (Answer = all of them). I’m just back from the souks of Marrakech where I spent the weekend eyeing up nick-nacks and learning how to haggle. Bargaining is a very different approach to pushing a trolley around the s...

#Missingdog insurance is what my neighbours need

#Missingdog insurance is what my neighbours needIt’s a strange coincidence that, on both of the past two days, I’ve met random, ownerless dogs. I came across the first halfway along my road: a cockerpoo which was terribly pleased to see me. Two lady walkers not far behind asked me if it was my dog or if I knew who it belonged to. I didn’t recogni...


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